26 August 2010

From Mr Stalked

Hiya how are you? I'm new here so please be nice to me lol how are you finding this place snd what brings you on here? My pics are set to private due to the last time I used this place (over a year ago) I inherited a couple if stalkers lol ,ill unprivate them if I get a reply hope this is ok x

Dear Mr Stalked. Thanks for your email. I think it's only best you don't 'unprivate' your personal photos for my benefit, because I can't genuinely guarantee I won't find you so utterly irresistible that I decide to stalk you too. Before you know it, I'll have a tent pitched on your porch, my name changed to yours by Deed Poll and your face tattooed on my arse. For your sake, and mine, let's leave it there. Yours, stalkingly

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