14 August 2010

From Mr Wrong Profile

hiya sweetheart am mr wrong profile, am honest fun lovin eastend guy u look ad sound very nice hun am 38 not 50 sorry but my profile is all wrong on here hun anyway if u would like 2 know more about me and c my pic please txt me on 0750* *** *** by hun xx xx

Dear Mr Wrong Profile. Thanks for your email. Pull the other one. 'I've got no pictures unless you text me and I am 12 years younger than my stated age.' I know I have a baby face, but do I really look like I was born yesterday? How can you get your own profile that wrong? Your own age, the wrong photo, any other essential vital statistics like where you live and what colour hair you have? Either you're the worst liar in history, or you've hijacked the dating profile of someone much older and much more unfortunate-looking than you. For a man of either of your ages I suggest you learn how to write like some semblance of a grown up, stop trying to convince people you're something you're clearly not and please do resist using 'hun' like some sort of punctuation mark. Yours, most unconvinced

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