04 August 2010

From Mr Burberry

ello hun :) i like your pictures and profile fancy chatting sometime im from London

Dear Mr Burberry. Thanks for your email. You're from London too? What are the odds! We have so much in common! I like your pictures too - especially the one showing off that lovely gold 'dad' ring of yours and those beautiful sovereigns - they match your teeth. And I've always had a soft spot for a man in a football strip - it looks really good on you, the colour really brings out your good eye. And are they your Rottweilers? I used to have one myself...until he took a chunk out of the neighbour's son, rest in peace dear old Mutley. Anyway I'll be honest with you, my personal situation has changed slightly since I initially signed up to the site, but if you're still interested in 12-18 months (pending good behaviour), I'll be back in London proper. In the meantime, please do feel free to write to me at HMP Holloway. Yours, incarceratedly.

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