05 August 2010

From Mr Aesthetically-Challenged-Doesn't-Even-Come-Close

Hi there.

I read your profile, found it interesting so I figured I'd write
to you and see what happens.

I live out in the countryside right up against the South Downs,
Brighton is less than 10 miles away.

A little bit about me now, here are a few things that I like:

• Sport (Cricket a lot, play & watch)
• The outdoors
• Country walks
• Photography (Started my degree last September)
• Films
• Science
• TV
• Animals
• Australia

If you like what you have read so far take a look at my profile,
you’ll find out much more about me who knows you might even like

So drop me a line (so long as my profile photos don’t make you
scream & run away)

Dear Mr Aesthetically-Challenged-Doesn't-Even-Come-Close. Thanks for your email.


*slams door*


  1. I always feels sorry for these folks. It's not their fault they aren't gorgeous.

    But it doesn't mean they ought think they can get the likes of us!

  2. I know this may sound superficial, but there has to come a point when you say "come on now, have a little look in the mirror won't you? Without breaking it...". Harsh, but very fair, sadly.


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