26 August 2010

From Mr Numerically Challenged

Hi There,

Two Things about your profile
1 - Interesting
2 - Very good.

Three things about your looks

1 - Good Looking
2 - Gorgeous smile
3 - Cute

One thing i am wondering

1 - why are you still single

Three things about me.
1 - Single
2 - Easy going
3 - Educated and working

One thing i need

1 - A reply from you x

Anyways urs is one of the best profile i came across this site. Looking for a honest and genuine girl like you x

Dear Mr Numerically Challenged. Thanks for your email. What can I say, you look like a really nice guy and all, but I have real reservations about dating a guy who can only count up to three. Either you're slightly backward in the learning department, or you're missing a significant number of digits on your hands and feet. In either case, I think it would be unfair of me to pursue this any further, so I shall hastily make my way out of exit number 4. Yours, numerously

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