31 August 2010

From Mr Pole

Hi there, Your profile has just attracted me... I am a Polish guy of 46 now. Actually am on my vacation in Poland. I am a merchant by profession and travel quite a bit in business and off. I like off road riding my ATV, badminton, swimming, lakes and nature, open terrain and live music but rather in small auditoriums. I gonna go to Leising, Germany on 5th Sep, to see Blackmore's Night concert in a medieval outdoor setting. Are you interested to join in ? Good occasion to get to know each other. Mind the distance ! LOL I also prefer to chop the wood for my fire place instead of working out in a crowded gym. I look for an open minded, passionate woman, who could share my love for music, travells and other things in life... Be well

Dear Mr Pole. Thanks for your email. Are you suggesting that for my first date with a totally random and rather suspicious-looking 46 year old Polish resident whom I have only ever had one email from, who has an apparent penchant for chopping wood and racket sports, that I hop on a plane and whizz over to Germany to listen to some random concert in what may well be some sort of odd Scandinavian battle re-enactment? Are you serious? See that there, that's caution being thrown to the wind. Count me in! I'll be the one with plaits and a buxom wench's costume. Yours, Germanically

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