26 August 2010

From Sweeney Todd

hiya i love the look of your hair in ya pics, i know its a random thing to ask but could you ever be tempted to do anything really dramatic to it? X

Dear Sweeney Todd. Thanks for your email. You stay the heck away from my head, you hear me? You know the story of Samson and Delilah, the one where she lopped off his locks and rendered him impotent? Well, the same would happen to me if someone hacked off my hair, so there's now way on God's earth I'm letting some scissor-wielding coiffure-fetishist anywhere near my barnet. This do is a no-no for you my freaky friend, I suggest you take your hack-happy hands elsewhere. Yours, hairily.

PS. I do struggle with frizz in the wet weather though - are there any products you could recommend?

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