15 August 2010

From Miss Same Name

WOW, Just had to say super sexy photos. You look stunning. I'd kill for a figure like yours.Anyway saw your profile and has to message you X

Dear Miss Same Name. Thanks for your email. Erm, I'm not really sure what to say actually. I'll be straight with you. Literally. Clearly you must've missed the 'woman seeking man' box ticked on my profile. And we'll gloss over the fact we have the same bits and bobs biologically which, as you now know isn't the way I roll, but if we were to meet, I'd be rather freaked out having to call you by my own name! That right there is a deal-breaker. Even if my perfect man cropped up out he had the same name as me, I just couldn't be doing with it! Although that said, if a man DID have the same name as me, I'm sure there's a case of later life child abuse against his parents right there. But I digress. As flattered as I am, boobs and ladybits aren't my bag, so I'll bid you farewell. Yours, with the same name.

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