09 August 2010

From Mr Worthy

Hi. I just finished reading your profile and thought it sounded really nice and you look lovely too. I do care work with 2-6 year old kids that have autism and are disabled and also help my mum out with her work for the marie curie cancer trust. Have a nice day enjoy the sunshine.

Dear Mr Worthy. Thanks for your email. I think you may be messaging the wrong person, I think you need to contact Buckingham Palace to get a medal for your charitable work, or to get your name on the future New Year Honours List. If that's not enough, perhaps you should consider dropping a line to him upstairs to get your seat reserved in heaven for when you part this mortal coil. Anyway, good luck on your quest for accolades, I’m assuming a patronising pat on the back from a virtual stranger won’t suffice? Yours, uncharitably.

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