28 August 2010

From Mr Boring

Hey how are you doing? I'm not too good at messaging but I'm giving it a go all the same. Sorry if this sounds cheesey. I never know how start these things so I'll say a bit more about myself . Ok I'll try not to repeat what is in my profile, I'll admit in the first instance I'm shy and quiet but once I get going I really start to open up, people sometimes have to stop me! I will try anything (within reason) especially if it is something I haven't done before. Trying new stuff is very exciting. Hell I don't even care if I bodge it up completely, try try again. I do like to plan stuff ahead but also like to be spontaneous without any planning. I like to think I am easy to talk to and comfortable to be around, well that is what friends and family say! I like meeting people when I'm out and about.. That is one of the reasons I decided to try this out, I'm serious about finding someone and making friends along the way. I'm more of a face to person, I'd rather meet people in the first instance and see how it goes. But I can see the advantages to doing it this way. I don't take myself or life to seriously but obviously for the important things and when the need arises I do.

Hopefully I haven't bored you to death.



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