03 August 2010

From Mr Verbose (original message unedited)

Good dawn / day / dusk,

Please excuse the verbosity, it is in fact the side effect of the need to connect with whomsoever you are all the way on the other side of the digital divide. I mean, where is one to start....Oh golly we have our favourite colour / star sign / place of birth in common! That's a fertile ground for mind-enlivening conversation.

Well, excuse me I seem to have forgotten the cardinal rule of written communication: Do not employ sarcasm with unknown recipients. Ah well, its done now. I trust you understand & can find it in your heart to forgive a rambling man, especially when driven by the intention of making the best possible impression to the extent that all later impressions will be somewhat disappointing.

Right I just remembered that these letters generally awaken the reader with a ...

How art thou?

I have to say that I never thought i would happen across another who looks like they would appreciate the deeply artful act of scoffing Wasabi Peas. I throw done my spiced gauntlet and challenge you to a pea-popping duel. Bansai!

I really do not want to sound so utterly imaginatively bankrupt in my response to your profile, which raised more than one cheer, but I guess it is a little thing to present which might inspire some thing great, but I have a vast love for food, in all forms. Tell me of the last thing you ate.

And where, for I have intentions of finding all the good good eats in which to rest after / during / before an urban ramble. I keep being drawn into the British museum, it will not relinquish its hold on my soul. Being there fills me with a guilty pleasure for all that earthly consciousness bound up in one place. Oh and the food, the food, the Food of Borough market...Sigh...

It seems that I may become obese but it is all good because my wallet is becoming proportionally lighter.

What I do truly love is Music. I will try to restrain myself from an RSI inducing ramble but if I may offer up one thing let it be this...

“We'll take ourselves out in the streets
Wear the blood in our cheeks
like red roses”

It doesn't seem as wholesome as it does when sung. And you should sing it.
The National are on long held love of mine.

Damn this is hard, how is one to convey a sense of onself without coming across more than a little coneited, I am trying to keep this light and conversation al, keeping in all of the skips, pauses and partial sentences in the hope that a brighter picture may be painted, but perhaps I am just rambling.

Truly frustrating, No?

How is one to communicate with all the bodylanguage unkown, are you bored, are you leaning into the screen?

Me? I am sat legs crossed at the ankle, laptop atop my lap, periodically gazing out the window to the sky, fairly relaxed apart from my furrowed brow, and hungering for chilled glass of lemonade.

Ok be sensible tell her something about your self Mr Verbose,
di I mention my favourite colour was blue?
Lord bless us all! For the neverending magic!

What have I done today? Well..I dreamt that I roamed through the british museum and discovered number of food stuffs and let them explore me from the inside (i can be extremely generous you know) it was more than a treat but alas now I am more than knackered and yearn for quiet to unknot and settle my thoughts. Also my belly requires a little more space than my trousers can cater for.
I hope I dont take somebodies eye out when this button...POPS! Whoosh! Crnch! Arghh!

Where was I?
Music, how do you feel about The National?

Now, I must warn you about my fierce and jubiliant love for these sounds. So negative answers may be responded to with hot pokers to ones ear drums, well they weren't working beforehand so...
I was lucky enough see them last month. It is such a joy to hear live music, it has been a while since I went to a gig, it has been I while since I felt the need to declare my love for a piece of music and these songs feel like warm and generous friends.

What do you spend your day listening to?
I have a bad habit of needing to listen music while cooking which invariably leads to dancing between fridge and stove whilst singing into a wooden spoon. But my flatmate enjoys the end result , which makes me want to write a kareoke cook book, or even a fitness video.

I know I should be asking you questions about your good self but I refuse to ask you what your favourite colour is, where you went on holiday, or the name of your pets... but...
Please tell me if you have a thing for collecting conkers, that might just make my day.

Take care
Mr Verbose

Warning: Boring question sprouting - What are you reading right now (apart from this)?

Dear Mr Verbose. Thanks for your email, your very very very long email. No possible response from me could do justice to the frightening diatribe you've just unleashed on my poor unsuspecting inbox, so best we call it quits, you get yourself back on the Ritalin and we'll say nothing more about this. Yours, gobsmackedly

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