15 August 2010

From Mr Croatia

i do not know if i am far away to you. i like that part of europe and i think you need something real

Dear Mr Croatia. Thanks for your email. Yes, Croatia is pretty far away from London, 943.45 miles in fact. I'll be honest, I'm looking for someone local, someone in London. My ideal man is someone who's a tube ride away, but not a tube ride that involves more than one change, or one that is susceptible to engineering works every weekend, I'm talking 5 stops and a modest stroll from the station away. I'm not sure how many times I'd need to change train to get to Croatia, but since I'm loathe to ever travel south of the Thames or ever tackle the Piccadilly Line, I just can't see me making my way over to Eastern Europe to make your acquaintance. Sorry. Yours, distantly

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