17 August 2010

From Mr Curious

I think there must be all sorts of stuff under your sofa!

Dear Mr Curious. You're right, there probably is all sorts of stuff under my sofa. I would guesstimate there's a fair amount of lint, the corpse of a 7-legged house spider, a couple of toenails, my favourite Biro and January's edition of Chat magazine. But may I just ask, are you actually looking for a love on this website? Does this love involve a fetish for untidy houses? Or are you on the hunt for a case study for How Clean Is Your House? What sort of a chat up line is that? No wonder you're single! Leave me and my sofa and the accompanying lint and grub alone! Yours, clutteringly.

PS. If you do fancy coming and giving my house a good clean, call me on 0781* *** ***

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