16 August 2010

From Mr Senseless

hello I feel moving something to you it is strange just only reading your profile seeing your picture ,it is illogical sensless but it is true, you are an extreme beauty that I meditate every second thank you a lot to have given me this opportunity and to have awaken in me these beautiful feelings for you

Dear Mr Senseless. Thanks for your email. Am I correct in thinking you are thanking me for the fact that you can meditate over beautiful feelings I have invoked in you as a result of seeing my picture? Are you on some sort of narcotic? I mean seriously, what the hell? I would love to be flattered but quite frankly I am entirely bemused and slightly intimidated. For this reason, I shall bid you farewell, and will be blocking you from being able to view my profile picture from now on, for fear your 'meditation' gets to unhealthy levels. Yours, insensitively.

PS. I sincerely hope when you wrote 'meditate, you actually meant 'meditate', and not something else...

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