13 August 2010

From Mr Equity

hey..i just joined and im waiting for my pic to clear..if you have msn i have a pic and cam on there.Im moving to london to buy a few propertys in a few weeks and would love to know what its like..your opinion would be appreciated

Dear Mr Equity. Thanks for your email. At first, judging from the webcam remark, I thought you might be one of those pervy types that just wanted to get me hooked on a webchat before whopping your cock out online and getting your jollies off. Then, when I read that you were thinking of buying properties, which was clearly designed to make go kerching! Potential pound signs, I'd obviously get in contact with you, give you some location advice and money to invest, and then you'd bugger off with my life savings in a bag to presumably go and buy more webcams, in front of which you'd probably whop your cock out again in front of even more unsuspecting singletons. No chance sunshine, I'm no fool. Find someone else to flash at and scam. Yours, most unconvinced.

PS. Skype me - 0781* *** ***

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