31 August 2010

From Mr Toilet

heey you ok? im pretty rubbish with these sort of first messages so don't really know what to say...ermm, your gorgeous but you've heard that millions of times before so ermm *thinking* ohhhh a little childhood story for you to remember me by...here goes :D when i was 4 i fell in the toilet head first, i forgot there was a little step infront of the toilet and ran, tripped and went straight into it...well thats that then lol...now you can remember me as the guy who didnt know how to take a pee ha. brilliant. Anyway yeah your a well pretty girl and you might not even get back in touch but it would be nice to chat and get to know you thats if you wanted, so get in touch... :) x

Dear Mr Toilet. Thanks for your email. I wouldn't say that's a rubbish first message. Oh no. I would say it's a crap first message. Literally. See this is a friendly word of advice - chicks don't dig shit stories. Yours, unim-poo-ressed

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