28 August 2010

From Mr Old Fart

just thought id better tell ya -
your too gorgeous to be on here
the older ladies will all be jealous of your looks
the younger ones will all envy your age too
the young men will all lust after you
and us old farts will all be sad cos we're too damn old lol
but besides that you may want to add an age range for the feller you are looking for as it may keep some of us old wrinklies from driving you nuts lol

Dear Mr Old Fart. Thanks for your email. You must have clearly missed the age range for my potential suitor on my profile - it's 25-35. You also miss the age range of being a potential suitor by 24 years. So thanks, but no thanks, I'm sure you'd have more success if you signed yourself up to www.oldfartsseekyoungmaids.com or www.wrinklygitsneedyoungladiesforlovekissesandbedbaths.com. Yours, youthfully.

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