28 August 2010

From Mr Baked Goods Lover

There is no doubt girlfriend that you are a favorite amongst the men here.

Girl you know you look good enough to eat. I bet all the boys....and even some of the girls on here trying to get there hands on your cookies :)

Dear Mr Baked Goods Lover. Thanks for your email. Have you been talking to other people on this website about me? That's pretty feckin' weird, I'll tell you right now - and it's enough to make any girl paranoid. Especially when it seems my proverbial cookies are being bandied around willy nilly without my prior knowledge or consent. No-one here is getting their grubby mits on my baked goods, real or otherwise, so I suggest you get thee down to Greggs the Bakers to slake your lust for all things round and sweet, and leave me and my cookie goodness alone. Yours, perturbedly

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