16 August 2010

From Mr No Strings

hey babe im gunna b honest i wanna just have fun with no comitment i knw i comin on strong but i wanna b honest, if we end up likin each other then great but for now nothin serious, if u intrested get bk 2 me ;)

Dear Mr No Strings. Thanks for your email. And your honesty. So do I deduce from your eloquent missive that you just essentially want someone to have no strings sex with, and then if I'm lucky we might end up liking each other? Wow, I feel so special! Thanks for choosing me to be your elected fuck buddy! No really! But seriously - no. Tell you what though, I'd be really impressed to hear how this tactic works with the other ladies as it sure as hell ain't working with me. My suggestion is perhaps you find yourself one of those lovely ladies advertising their string-less services in a phone box near you, although I suspect by the fact you're trying your luck on a free dating site, you're too tight to pay for the privilege. Yours, all strung up.

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