17 August 2010

From Mr King of the Swingers

Hi, U look lovely. Am seeking a swinging partner. Can I interest U? x

Hi Mr King of the Swingers. Thanks for your email. To be frank, there's nothing remotely appealing about becoming your swinging partner. Nothing in the slightest. I'm interested to know why you think I might be the sort of girl to pair up with a seedy forty-something, with paunch and without hair, to go and find strange people to have sex with and in front of in dark, dingy dives? Please do tell me, I'd love to know. Was it the fact I have a twinkle in my eye, perhaps my mischievous grin and an air of unfettered sexual excitement about me? Was it the fact that this website is for swingers only? Oh, it is you say? Oh. Oh well. Whoopsy, my bad! Anyway the answer is still no. Yours, unswung.

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