31 August 2010

From Mr Random Stream of Consciousness - again

How are you sweet heart?hope you had good day.
I am mr random stream of consciousness near heathrow.i am good looking 6 ft 1 tall.
I am suit and tie person.i am clean smell good.i do like your profile.
i am easy going caring romantic.
I like holding hands cuddles very good kisser.I like pubs restaurants but not into clubs.
I am seprated got kids,I am looking for fship,romance.
I am not into one night stands but don’t want to rush into full on rship.
I am looking for good friend lover with view to rship.i am hard working do work long hours.i hope you are understanding.I am polite friendly person,will treat you with respect make you smile.I promice you will feel closer and wanted.I am loving person who needs loving too can you provide that.If you are polite,friendly understanding and loving please get back mr random stream of consciousness @hotmail.co.uk or 0780* *** ***.hope you get back we get to know meet for drink and see how we feel,see if we got that chemistry.you are very beautiful,very pretty face and nice smile ,hope to hear from you soon love mr random stream of consciousness xxxxxxxxx

Dear Mr Random Stream of Consciousness. Thanks for your email. Again. Clearly you didn't read my first one? Here it is:


I'm pleased to find out that since we last exchanged missives you are now the proud wearer of suits and ties, are clean and smell nice, and, most importantly, you've discovered the return key. However, none of these features are redeeming enough to make up for the fact that your emails are, quite frankly, a massive pointless diatribe of disconcerting oddness. The answer is still no. But please do feel free to mail again and let me know when you've discovered flossing and italics. Yours, unrandomly.

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