17 October 2010

From Mr Questioning

ten questions.

Q1 Fav film?

Q2 Fav Food?

Q3 Fav Drink?

Q4 Fav holiday?

Q5 Fav Song?

Q6 Best part of you body is and why?

Q7 Knickers or thong girl? lol

Q8 Have you forfilled your fantasy? If so when and if not why not.

Q9 fav position?

Q10 will she reply?

Dear Mr Questioning. Thanks for your email. Here are my answers:

1. Piss off.
2. Piss off.
3. Piss off.
4. Piss off.
5. Piss off.
6. Piss off.
7. Piss off.
8. Piss off.
9. Piss off.
10. Piss off.

Clearly you were using your 'inventive' quiz to lure me into divulging personal information so you can get your seedy little kicks from knowing that I love my fabulous breasts, always wear French knickers, fantasise about being whisked away and seen to by a young, handsome cowboy and that I love to be on top. Nice try.


Yours, revealingly.

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