15 October 2010

From Mr Chat Up Line 2

Great pics darlin!;) How are you? Would love to get to know you a bit, what do you think? Any interest?;) If so I'll give you a chance to bite on my corny chat up line... What did the elephant say to the polar bear on a trip to the north pole?

Dear Mr Chat Up Line 2. Thanks for your email. Ooh, I know this one, I believe the conversation went as follows:
Elephant: 'Excuse me, I appear to be lost, could you tell me where I am?'
Polar Bear: 'You're in the North Pole mate.'
Elephant: 'Oh right, that would explain all the snow wouldn't it. Ah, bum. That's quite a long way away from where I wanted to be really.'
Polar Bear: 'Where did you want to go mate? I've got Googlemaps on my phone.
Elephant: 'Well I was hoping to go to India. I escaped from London Zoo a couple of weeks ago but I appear to have taken a wrong turn somewhere.'
Polar Bear: 'Yeah, looks like it doesn't it. Well, according to this, if you turn right over there, and keep walking for about 72 days, you should make it to India.'
Elephant: 'Ah great, thanks very much for your help.'
Polar Bear: 'No problem mate, no problem at all. Listen, before you head off, I don't suppose you could do me a favour could you?'
Elephant: 'Sure, no problem, it's the least I can do to repay your kindness, I'd have been really stuck if you hadn't helped me! What can I do?'
Polar Bear: 'Well as you know there aren't many of us polar bears around these days, what with all the melting ice caps and that, and I've been on me own for months now...'
Elephant: 'Go on...'
Polar Bear: 'Anyway us polar bears arms aren't quite long enough to reach downstairs for gratification if you know what I mean, and I'd heard elephants trunks were renowned for their trunk jobs and...well...I was just wondering if you might oblige a lonely bear.'

The Elephant paused for thought.
Elephant: 'Oh alright then. Just don't expect a reach around...'
Am I right? Not the catchiest punch line in the world, I have to say. Maybe you want to go for a short one liner next time.
Yours, humorously

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