20 September 2010

From Mr Miniature

Hi names mr minuature, this is difficult talking about yourself. here goes nothing i'm 30 live in south london. Work wise i'm a delivery person for a uni. I'm 5'0 to 5'2 in height. into most things music as lonfg as yop can here the words to the music. into sailing generally having fun. i'm not after a one night stand but long term if it works out great if not i've gained another friend.

Dear Mr Miniature. Thanks for your email. Although you sound like a really lovely boy, may I just question one small, and I mean small, part of your email? You claim to be somewhere between 5' and 5'2" - on what factors does this depend exactly? The wind? Atmospheric pressure? A pair of Cuban heels? In my experience height is one of the things boys tend to exaggerate most to internet dates. And given your maximum height is actually less than mine, and given how miniature I am, I would feel rather wrong walking alongside someone who has pretty much the same physical stature as a child. I'm sure there are many diminutive ladies out there who'd love to not get crick neck every time they go in for a cheeky snog, but I prefer not to have to bend down when I get mine. I wish you all the best in your quest for little love, and I sincerely hope you find something special that grows. Your legs perhaps. Or your shadow. Yours, heightenedly

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