26 September 2010

From Master Inexperienced

Hey =D, I'm going to be pretty straight forward with you in this message lol

Basically I have absolutetly zero experience with girls :-(

I'm looking for a woman, prefferably older who can show me the ropes. : )

Reply back if you would like to talk or know more

Oh and If i have offended you in ANY way from this message, im really sorry :/

Dear Master Inexperienced. Thanks for your email. I am not offended in the slightest. In fact, I am rather flattered that you have asked me to help kick start your education in the subjects of sexual studies, female biology and carnal knowledge. I would most definitely be willing to show you the ways of the world, but I do have some ground rules:

1. You do not make reference to our 12 year age gap.
2. You do not tell your friends I am your girlfriend.
3. You follow my instructions to the letter.
4. No tears before, during or afterwards, please.
5. You tidy your room first young man, from your profile pictures it's a complete pigsty.

Now that's all sorted, we can begin. Come to Mama. 

Yours, maturely.

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