02 July 2010

From Mr Lowslung Ears

Hi, I have read your lovely profile and would love to get in touch... do you think that is feasible? With thanks.

Dear Mr Lowslung Ears. Many thanks for your email. It's true I do have a rather lovely profile, but since everything in this life is relative, that is only because I took time to write something more inventive than 'I like to go to the cinema, eat out at resturants (sic)and watch sports'. As a casual aside, I'm not sure if you're familiar with the dictionary. Well I am, and I took the liberty of checking what feasible means:
1. Capable of being accomplished or brought about; possible.
2. Logical; likely:
3. Used or dealt with successfully; suitable.
In short, yes, getting in touch is feasible according to point 1, because you have already initiated some form of mutual communication. With reference to point 2, the chances of any further 'touch' is looking, quite frankly, most unlikely. I'm afraid, by the time we get to point 3, the success off this touch-getting has past the dwindling stage, and is now firmly resting on the side of unsuccessful. Yours, unfeasibly.

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