30 September 2011

From Mr Crafty


I saw your profile and liked it very much.

I really like the fact that you make things - I do a spot of medieval re-enactment, and therefore know a lot of similarly craft-oriented people.

If you have a look at my profile and like it, it'd be really lovely to hear from you

Dear Mr Crafty. Thanks for your email. I make things such as jams, cupcakes and the odd piece of knitwear. I hardly think that equates to hand-stitching tabards, whittling wooden weapons and doing a spot of wattle and daubing do you? The fact that your profile picture looks like the front cover of Monty Python and the Holy Grail without the irony is also similarly disturbing. If Pat Bennatar is right love really is a battlefield, then I'll happily sit in the pub with a glass of wine and a su doku whilst you lot leap around a field in tinfoil and velvet, brandishing cardboard swords calling each other 'knaves' a lot. Yours, medi-evily


  1. The Cat has noticed that you haven't blogged awhile. Is this because a ProperMan has been found????

  2. Sadly no, CTS still has a lengthy list of to-reply-to candidates in need of attention. Will remedy anon. ProperMan still very much elusive.

  3. I used to date a guy who did re-enactment once.

    Your description of it is pretty spot on.


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