21 October 2010

From Mr X-Rated

hey gawjus any plans this weekend? I love to be n8ty with U. I wld like to take you for a nice meal, and we can catch our fav movie and make passionate love like u neva had it before. In bed i like to take it eazy with long forelplay, with body to body massage, playin with fruit, lickin ur body from ur neck to ur pussy. then fckin u hard in different postions and places, on da bed, floor, couch, shower, etc etc. Blind fold u, teeze you with ice, tie ur hands against the bed, do 69, then fck u hard in doggy style while spankin that juicy ass, pullin on ur gawjus hair, while u scream in exatasy! I must add i enjoy sex and are very adventuress in bed and like to fck for over 2 or 3 hours and rite now i'm feelin horny i wish u were here with me so that we cld really get it on.. my dicks so excited rite now its drippin in pre cum, i wish u were with me to lick it and suck it hard bby!! Feel free to text me on 07956 *** ***, we can get it on bby ;)

Dad??? Bloody hell, your spelling is terrible...


  1. Maybe you should borrow some of Mr X-Rated's...apparently he has quite a few!


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