17 October 2010

From Mr Good Sport 3

Hi there

I really liked your profile and I thought I would get in contact with you as i would like to get to know you. Well a bit about me. I work as a consultant in central london. I love going to gigs etc , mainly for independent bands. I also like Outdoor sports , cycling , scuba diving, kayaking, hiking etc
which i try to do as often as i can.Im also a qualified Aromatherapy Masseur.Well if you like the sound of me please get in touch.

Dear Mr Good Sport. I can't be bothered to thank you for your emails anymore, since this is your third. You've not really done anything revolutionary since the last two messages have you? Let me refresh your memory...


I wasn't interested the first time, even less on the second, and now, after your third i-fucking-dentical message, I'm close to hanging myself. Stop it, stop it now. Yours, suicidally

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