20 October 2010

From Mr Defeatist

Well i don't know what to say that will get you intrested as i don't know what your intrests are, so i'm stuffed aren't i!

Dear Mr Defeatist. Thanks for your email. I would have hoped someone with a modicum of grey matter who wanted to spark up some sort of flirty banter with me but not sure how to get my attention might cast a speculatively wide net out there to elicit some sort of response. For example:

Hey, saw your profile, what sort of music do you like?
Are you reading anything good at the moment?
Are you up to anything nice this weekend?
What are your critical thoughts on the cinematic works of Aronofsky, Cronenberg and the Cohen Brothers?

Hardly rocket science is it? But not for you. Guess you weren't that interested then.
Oh well. And yes, that is interested with three Es. Just a thought. Yours, disinterestedly.

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