24 October 2010

From Mr TV

Hi! :) U look amazing i would love to get to know u better! :) I'm a transvestite but hopely that don't bother u? I'm living right now in Finland but thinking to move in UK, when i get a change for that :) Hopely i hear something back from u :)

Dear Mr TV. Thanks for your email. And, of course, for your honesty regarding your private life. I don't have anything against transvestites, per se, I think they're cracking - you can share make up tips, swap wardrobes, and still there's a little manly bit left over for when the cosmetic and clothing larks stop, and that special time starts. However, sadly I don't think I could ever go out with you, the main reason being your profile pictures show you as your female alter ego and...well... you're HOT! There's no way on God's earth am I going out with someone who wasn't born a woman, but makes a much better looking one than I do. Sorry. Yours, gynaecologically


  1. He needs to get "a change" before he moves to England? I never knew that was an immigration requirement. Do you only publish the emails of the men you turn down (which might be all of them, for all I know)?

  2. I only publish emails of those whom I would not consider making further contact with, but this is not the sum total - there are other ones which don't warrant replies, but that's usually because they're totally unremarkable. Only the remotely interesting ones make it up here.


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