13 October 2010

From Mr Soul-Searcher

Hi, I'm Mr Soul-Searcher, considering a critical look of life`s ups and downs that sometimes beclouded ones reasoning with the desirable quest of finding a lasting answer to the ageless urge of every indivudual to find a resting place for body,soul and spirit here on earth. Though lots of world`s greatest school and books on facts of life categorically emphasized that one could not really find 100% rest for soul on earth but unknown to them that just a word could realise that (LOVE) and which has been the fundamental tool in making one successful and joyous in life.
This will keep every being rovering round and round searching for a sincere love and soulmate that would complemement one`s life and make one to fully experience the desired rest on earth. I surely believe that everybody has to come in contact with his or her own soulmate somehow, somewhere and at a particular time in one`s life but the definite time and actual place remains a misery to one`s reasoning and thinking.I am fortunate to have found myself in your world because God has made in such a way that there must be a purpose for ever occurence in life. I regard it as a step which someone has to take to really demystify what everybody regarded as mystery. What buffles me most is I decided noting and hopefully anticipating your warm welcome so as to free up a soul and a conscience I will definitely and happily tell you all who and what I am on due request from and I would also endeavour to send a pic on request too. Please pardon me to have desired for a solace in your world.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Soul-Searcher

Dear Mr Soul-Searcher. Thanks for your email. Are you looking for a soul mate, salvation, or the answer to life, the universe and everything? I think you may be looking in the wrong place, I'm just here to find a casual fuck. Sorry. Good luck though. Or something. Yours, soullessly

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