28 September 2010

From Mr Toilet Humour

Miss ,Ms,Mrs or oi oi gorgeous

I’m tired of saying how are you or just plane hi and getting no reply
So thought would just give this a try and see if it got me a reply

So here I am
If I were a bird up in the sky looking at you from way up high and
You looked up to see me fly I mite just poop right in your eye

Ok not so good

But if it put a smile on your face and you could beat me in a race
Just take a quick look at my face and if it don’t make you scream
Or run then this could be the one !!!!!!!!

There was an old lady from Ealing who had a terrible feeling she laid on her back opened her crack and pissed all over the ceiling
Sorry lol
come say hi or some thing

Dear Mr Toilet Humour. Thanks for your email. How did you know my favourite ever poem? And you seem to like birds too, I think this must be fate! What can I say, it's a pleasure to meet you. And although I prefer to be called by my Christian name, I will of course answer to all of the above so please do call me what you like (although between you and I, I really love Oi Oi Gorgeous, but only when accompanied by a wolf whistle). Anyway, why delay, we should definitely meet up. But only as long as you promise not to shit on my face. Yours, hopefully

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