28 September 2010

From Mr Preacher

Hi, I read your profile and it appealed to me. I feel so inspired and honored to know you - WOW!! I want you to know straight away that you write with a beautiful flare and sense of pure honesty and transparency that I find very attractive and drawn to. Yes, you are a awesome girl from the outside though I can tell straight away that you are beautiful on the inside with a lot of love to share.Like you my life hasn't been perfect and I've had my challenges though one thing I can share with you is what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Life is full of constant change and change is exciting! It's exciting because change means growth..growth from a spiritual sense, a mental and emotional sense and most of all caring for the world around. As you grow and learn God passes on his wisdom and knowledge and in his own profound way allows you to live and teach it. Doesn't matter how you teach it, be it with your family and friends or with the world around. I'm so blessed I get to teach what I learn on the world stage to thousands of people which is a huge buzz.....I am one that believes that we have so short time on this earth that we must make the best of it. I am one that looks into the future and that is where I am headed. I am looking for that special person to share my life with. I am a romantic at heart and love to spoil that special person in my life. I am of Greek background. I am looking for that person who likes the finer things in life, is honest and faithful in there commitment. I am a person who speaks there mind and tells it how it is, no need for lies as they eventually catch up with you. I am a person who knows what he wants and goes after that. I am well travelled and like travelling. If you want to find out more about me and give me that chance to sweep you off your feet. I am not one for games, nor chat I am loyal and committed to those that are in my life. When I give my word there is nothing that can break it. Family is the most important thing to me, and is above all. I like e-mail each other and i would like to know more about you more and more and if you would like to find out more and see where it may lead email me and we can take it from there. Awaiting your reply and leave me your cell phone # Regards, Mr Preacher

Dear Mr Preacher. Thanks for your email. I'm sorry, are we on a dating site, or have I inadvertently signed myself up for spiritual guidance classes? As much as I appreciate the general sentiment, I'm looking for someone to do flippant things like feed the ducks with, someone go to the cinema with, or maybe share a milkshake with, not someone who'll turn every moment in life into an evangelical lesson with a great big moral stirred in for good measure. I'm no pedestrian of the great spiritual pathway. Oh no. I'm hitching a lift along the motorway of all things trivial, and I sincerely hope we get to stop at McDonalds on the way. Sorry. Yours, frivolously

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