30 September 2010

From Master Baker

Hi Darkangellis, hows your day being so far? I dont know if you are in to cooking,but what you think about this recipe for a cake? 500gs of sugar kisses,500gs of hugs,750gs of cuddles,1kg of attention,1kg of laughs and 2kgs of spices mix all up down goes to the oven and let cook for all day.what you think may 200gs of romance it would make even better may be covered in chocolate? I would like to chat with you about the recipe if is ok? lol take care

Dear Master Baker. Thanks for your recipe. With quantities like those, you'll not only feed the 5000, but you'd probably kill them all too. I have to say that is by far the most over-baked, super-sweet, vomit-inducing recipe I have ever read in my life. I reckon one spoonful of that nauseating mixture and I'll have two fingers down my own throat faster than you can say 'pass the insulin'. If you are cooking the food of love, then I'm on a diet. Yours, most abstinent

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