14 September 2010

From Mr Asphyxia

Hiya. How's it going? What exciting plans do you have for the rest of the week?

I have another question but this one's a little more random. Would you put your hand over my mouth? I know it's a bizarre question, but there is a reason behind me asking and it's nothing dodgy lol.x

Dear Mr Asphyxia. Thanks for your email. My week is going well thank you. Tomorrow I'm off to have my rectum pierced for the fourth time but I think I'm also going to swing by the bondage store as I've run out of industrial lube and I broke my ball gag last weekend in an incident involving a Madam, a judge and a Rottweiler. I also need to pay a visit to B and Q to see if I can pick up some heavy duty screws for the new manacle set I'm having erected in the basement, but I suspect it may be a specialist job. Other than that catching up on a spot of correspondence, doing some washing, you know, the usual. What about you? Yours fetishistically.

PS. Hang on...you want me to put my HAND over your MOUTH? You sick fuck! Get the hell outta my inbox you freak!

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