20 September 2010

From Mr Kooky 2

Hello, I saw your profile today and it said we were a 90.5% match! I'm not sure how good that actually is but it definately sounds good! I bet you have had a few guys already email you saying things like "I liked your profile picture" or "how was your weekend?". I think this is a bit boring so I thought I'd jazz things up a little with a different icebreaker. To get to know each other a little bit better i think we should play the 4 facts game. All you have to do is reply back with 4 'facts' about yourself although one has to be a lie. So to get the ball rolling (I'll offer a magnum ice cream if you guess correctly) I will give you 4 'facts' about me and you have to guess which one is the lie. Bye for now.

Dear Mr Kooky. Thanks for your email, your second email. You've done well to change a few key words, I almost didn't recognise you. Almost. I notice since your first email (http://internet-berating.blogspot.com/2010/08/from-mr-kooky.html) you have upped the stakes from a humble Kit Kat (not my favourite chocolate bar of choice) to a Magnum ice cream. Well done. Although you clearly got so excited about the new budget for your novelty internet dating games you neglected to throw in the actual trivia. Let me guess, they would have been something about a novel dance, the Blue Peter garden, an Oscar nominee and a one-eyed man? As much as I appreciate the second pass, which I suspect is totally unintentional as we've both been on the site so long I'm sure everyone now deserves a second chance, but my answer still stands as a no, because you failed to hazard any sort of guess at my little incorrect factoid. Yours, truthfully.

PS. The incorrect answer was 3 - my false leg does not have a snap on attachment for roller skates. It does, however, have an hoover attachment for getting dust out of those pesky nooks and crannies. The other three are all true. Drink?

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