30 November 2010

From Doggyfucker

Be honest, what are you looking for here? ;)

Dear Doggyfucker. Thanks very much for your email. I genuinely couldn't care less what you've written me - you could have crafted prose entertaining enough to bedaub Eddie Izzard a shade of 'envious green', scribbled sylvan stanzas stunning enough to solicit a swoon from Shakespeare, and written the sort of wise witticisms that would wilt Wittgenstein himself and I still wouldn't be interested. And why is this you ask? Well I'll tell you...you're a West Ham supporter. Sorry love, that's a red card in my book. Yours, disinterestedly.

PS. Nice username.

1 comment:

  1. You're too biased against his football club to be disinterested, but even that may irk him less than your failure answer his question.


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