13 November 2011

From Mr Poetic


Rather than initials why not call yourself something like: Gorgeous Virgo Comic Writing Clown-Like Knitting Love Goddess!

Anyway, great profile and witty narrative style
and I love your gorgeous face and smile,
your sexy lips, symmetry (what I've seen) and your amazingly beautiful hazel eyes:
serene yet so full of wonder, passion, promise and surprise!

Write soon
and perhaps one day we'll meet in the summer sun
and go on an adventure or city break and have a lot of fun
and share a dance and little romance beneath the silver moon!

Ciao for now!

Dear Mr Poetic. Thanks for your email. And for your inventive verse. Straight prose won't do justice to the sentiment I feel in response to your poetry, so I thought I would reward like with like. I beg your indulgence awhile:

Your profile's lacking all appeal
To start you off, is your hair real?
It seems to perch upon your head
Just like a rabbit. Only dead.

Your dress sense sucks, your poem's bad
You're old enough to be my dad
And walk with you in luna's beam?
I'd frankly rather boil my spleen

Flattery will get you everywhere
I hope at least ten miles from here
Before it lived, lust would be dead
Twixt me and your mid-aged spread

I can imagine nothing worse
Than reading more of your crude verse
The only thing I'll promise you
Is we'll never meet. And so, adieu.

Yours, lyrically


  1. Hahahahahaha, ha, haha. Haha!
    That is all.

  2. I'm with Beckybanners on this one! Laughing so much!


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