07 July 2010

From Mr Torso

ow are you babe, having a good week so far?! do anything exciting? thought you came across really nice and not with attitude like many on here lol be nice to chat and get to know you xx

Dear Mr Torso. Thanks for your email. And, also, for the attached pictures of your naked torso. It's a shame you seem to be missing a head...in all seven of your pictures. I sincerely hope it's nothing permanent. Here's what you need to know about me: I can't abide lol-ers, men who insist on sending topless pictures, and, in agreement with the illustrious Pamela Anderson in celluloid classic Barb Wire, anyone calling me 'babe'. As for having an attitude, clearly you've never read any of my replies before. Enjoy. Yours, insincerely.

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