20 July 2010

From Mr Direct

great profile girl u seem genuine girl i am lkinng for a genuine girl but to many timewasters here if ur seroius 4love dark we cud maybe chat on pone 07799 ****** i like travlling and doin nu things hope 2 chat 2u soon?? Xxxxx

Dear Mr Direct. Thanks for your email. And, indeed, ur pone (sic) number, which, I will admit, I have no intention of using. But why, I hear you ask (or 'bt y' more like). Well, for starters, what exactly are you lkinng (sic) for? I'll tell you what I'm looking for. Someone who uses proper English: full sentences, proper words, some semblance of grammar, not some sort of psuedo-teen-text-lingo that will no doubt be the death of our fine language within a decade. Someone that, quite frankly, doesn't invent words using a totally random combination of letters. And someone who doesn't model their entire image on Dappy from N-Dubz. Anyway, soz2 av wstid yr tym, bt i must go n b sic (sic). Yrs, literately.

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