01 July 2010

From Mr Potato Head

Hey pretty face how's it going? Can you wax lyrical a bit more? x

Dear Mr Potato Head. Thanks for your email. Given the fact that your message marks the first step into any sort of two-way discourse, waxing lyrical 'a bit more' would prove virtually impossible, especially as I am not aware that I waxed in the first place...at least nothing easily discernible from my profile. Many thanks also for the new nickname 'Pretty Face'. I shall be bandying that around my friends in the hope that one day it will catch on. I am afraid to say, however, that your new nickname is not quite so flattering, although I'm sure if you were to run a straw poll amongst your friends, I suspect a high proportion would commend its accuracy. I'm afraid, on this occasion, I don't think we are romantically compatible, but if you get the Potato Head accessories set for Christmas with a few more options for noses and perhaps start wearing your ears a fraction higher, then get back in touch. Yours lyrically, CTS

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