21 February 2011

From Mr X-Rated 2

How are you?

Here is something for you to read while you complete your profile. I would love to know how it makes you feel? If you like it perhaps I can write a scenario that you suggest?

And there I was on his bed on my hands and knees facing the full length wardrobe mirrors, naked.

Before I got into that position, I had arrived at his place expecting him to want to fuck me there and then, but instead we had a shower. He took great care in washing me everywhere, except my freshly waxed pussy which he ignored completely. He finally started massaging my bottom, before gently rubbing my anus. His hands were completely covered in soap, so when his finger started easing it's way into my anus, it slid in quite easily. He only slid it in a short way, before waiting for me to relax. When I did, he eased his finger all the way in, probably using his index finger as he would want to be as far inside me as possible. He held me from the front with his arm across just below my breasts, so I really couldn't move while his finger was inside me. Again he waited for me to relax, before he started gently fucking my bottom with his finger. While I was waiting for him to start with his finger I realised that he was really turned on as I felt him pressing his erection against me, even in a hot shower it felt hot.

And then I could feel the wetness in my pussy, and he started breathing slightly faster as his finger started fucking my bottom. It felt rather good having my bottom explored like this. Then surprisingly he withdrew his finger, spread my legs as wide as he could and then I felt his cock open the lips of my pussy and just slide straight in. God that felt good, first my bottom slightly filled, and then feeling his heat inside whilst standing up, heavenly. He stood there for a while taking in the feeling of my wet pussy, sliding soapy hands over my breasts and hard nipples before finding my clit that had be starved of any touch whilst he washed me. After him first stroking and then gently rubbing my clit I came, almost falling over, but he held me with his arms, and also his hard cock still inside me. I felt my pussy grip his cock as the waves of pleasure rushed over me and felt his breathing harder on my cheek, before I felt his cock slide out, almost all the way out still holding me tightly pressed against him, before he slid himself all the way inside me in a really hard thrust and a groan of pleasure.

He continued to thrust, and it didn't take long before I felt him shuddering and his cum exploding inside me, before he finally rammed his cock all the way in and held it there still shuddering, and still holding me tightly pressed against his body. I could feel his heart rapidly beating against my back, and his breathing fast against my cheek. I felt his hands wander down to where the lips of my pussy were stretched around his cock, and he stroked them gently while his cock slowly softened. Eventually his cock softened and slipped out, unfortunately with a bit of his cum too. It was my turn to wash him, so I turned the shower off so I could clean his cock and taste my pussy and his cum, making sure I pulled his foreskin back and licked under there too. I then turned the shower back on and soaped him all over and made sure we were both rinsed before getting out the shower. He dried me off, and then told me to get onto his bed on my hands and knees facing the mirror.

My pussy was wet from being turned on, and sticky from his cum, and I knew that he was going after my bottom next.

Dad. As pleased as I am you've sorted your spelling out since your last email, I'm not entirely convinced this is the sort of reading material you should be sending me. Does mum know you like to imagine yourself as a woman? Hmm...thought not...

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