21 February 2011

From Mr Tentative

hello there!

Ive just returned to this site and saw your profile, your gorgeous! I know you'll be inundated with messages but thought Id try and get your attention and hopefully a reply!

Apologies for not having anything on my profile, guess I should fill it all in again. Im surprised they hadnt deleted my account, been over a year! Hows it going on here for you?

I left because of all the weirdos so just wanted to check that your not one of them! Any axe murdering history i should be aware of? lol Bunny boiler? Oh i know, worst of the lot..... anorak trainspotter?!! Hope not!!

Hopefully Ill hear from you soon


Dear Mr Tentative. Thanks for your email. Don't worry, I'm no axe-wielding, bunny-boiling, anorak-wearing trainspotter, I know there are a heck of a lot of freaks out there on the internet, but I'd like to assure you I'm nothing of the sort. I'd love to meet you for a drink if you're still interested and not too disappointed? Let me know. Yours, a pistol-toting, guinea-pig butchering, cagoule-sporting tram-watcher

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