21 February 2011

From Mr Almost

Hi there

I just rejoined the site yesterday and think I remember your name from when I was on here before, but I don't recall if I messaged you or if you replied (probably not!). I think I'd have remembered the bit about the parrots as I know this great parrot joke - but it's too long to type.

Anyway, it would be lovely to chat if my profile makes you smile. You are GORGEOUS. And you sound deliciously random.

PS A burst of honesty - I'm married. Happy to explain and/or send you pics if I'm not ruled out.

Dear Mr Almost. Thanks for your email. Oh, so close, so very close, you almost had me interested if it wasn't for that pesky PS of yours. Tell me, this explanation of yours, I'm assuming it's a good one? And please tell me it involves pictures, presumably of your wife? Would I understand and empathise with your premeditated philandering if I could see what exactly you're married to? I'm sure I would, so please do explain and send pictures and I'm sure we'll get on just fine. Yours, intrepidly

PS A burst of honesty - I'm lying. You're totally ruled out, you perfidious prick.

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