01 October 2011

Mr Tight

would you share your drink with me if i was to take you out

Dear Mr Tight. Thanks for your email. No you can't share my drink you miserly old miser, get your own. Unless, that is, you were planning some sort of roofie-related stunt, in which case sure! You can have my drink! It strikes me that with a face like that you'd probably need some sort of Rohypnol action to get some sort of bedroom action, even with yourself. So go on, knock yourself out, on both counts. Yours, unsedatedly


  1. You mean you're still doing the on-line dating thing? Don't they guarantee you'll find love in six months? Time to get a refund, baby.

  2. Sure am. On and off for years and YEARS now...but come on, look at the messages I get...!


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