10 October 2011

From Mr Piss

Genuine guy whoe loves is mouth and face filled with piss looking for meet today. 8 inches of pulsating thick throbbing cock in return. Pissing on me and fucking my mouth a must. Have you got a full bladder and up for it?

Dear Mr Piss. Thanks for your email. I'm sorry, I think you might have me mistaken - when on my profile I wrote that I liked water sports, I meant I enjoyed partaking in activities such as para sailing and riding on giant inflatable banana boats. I do not partake in urinating on strangers, least of all on those who look like they may have been to school with my mother, taken style tips from Myra Hindley and borrowed Leo Sayer's hair. Besides, you didn't even say please. Rude. Yours, dryly.

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