05 January 2011

From Mr Electra

Hello, Hope you are well? I am Mr Electra from SE London and I am looking for someone special. I am looking for a very a naughty daddys girl who enjoys taboo fun lifestyle. I am extremely broadminded and anything goes with me, If you are submissive and enjoy being submissive then I can be dominant and push your limits and boundaries. I like to enjoy the daddy daughter relationship but punish you as and when I need to
I am looking to chat on and off line but also looking to meet hopefully on a regular basis for naughty fun. I can accommodate and I can travel if needs be xx

Dear Mr Electra. Thanks for your email. I have to say that fictional incest isn't part of my romantic repartee, it just makes me feel icky. Especially since you are exactly the same age as my dad, only nowhere near as handsome. Nowhere near. Because my dad is fit. Mmm. Sorry to disappoint you. Yours, complexly

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