13 November 2011

From Mr Christian

i hope you enjoy every moments of happy and joyful festival,
i am wishing you a sparking,happy and joyful Christmas to you
"he is on your way of life,
this Christmas with christ'"
see you
enjoy your time

Dear Mr Christian. Thanks for your email. Hang on, are you saying that Jesus Christ has something to do with Christmas? Rubbish! We celebrate Christmas because the 25th of December is Father Christmas' birthday! Look at the facts. We all get presents because that's what birthdays are all about. And we decorate Christmas trees which represent his home in the North Pole. And we all eat mince pies, Quality Streets and drink eggnog, because they're Santa's favourite party treats. And we use the symbols of angels because the old beardy fella was a massive Robbie Williams fan. And we hang up stockings to acknowledge the fact he has a penchant for cross dressing. And we all pray for a White Christmas because we know that Santa had a nose for blow. So there. You bloody Christians, trying to make everything relevant to Jesus. Piss off you and your dogmatic peddling, and leave the real festivals to us atheists. Yours, festively

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  1. I've spent the past three days reading your whole 52 dates blog and gutted it was over, I'm happy to have just found this and I am PMSL! Nina


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