13 November 2011

From Mr Married

Hi there, how r u? Would u be friends and have with a married man?

Check my profile and let me know if u're interested (Text me 0753* *** ***).

Take care. Mr Married xxxx

Dear Mr Married. Thanks for your email. No, I would not like to be friends or anything else with a married man. What I would really like to do is publish your full profile and mobile number for the entire internet to see. I'd also dearly love to know what your poor wife feels about her husband actively putting himself on dating sites and emailing his mobile number around to strange women. Sadly, I'm sure there are some ladies on here who don't see a little thing as 'marriage' as an obstacle in meeting new partners, but I sure as hell do. Shame on you. Yours, most offendedly


  1. There should seriously be websites out there where people can find out whether their husbands/partners have been (intending to) cheating in this way. They suck.

    See my post re ScooterBoy! Un-be-lievable!


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